Friday, August 29, 2008

Farewell to King Burp........... Part 1

We did our farewell lunch to our dear colleague Iskandar@King Burp at the Silhouette in the Spring this afternoon. King Burp he is as he can make great sound from his burp.. he he. Sometimes very loud, sometimes tersekat-sekat... and can produce that 'fuyoo' sound too!
Iskandar and 'real man drink tea only'
group photo minus the boss

the starters.....
group photo plus the boss... he he he
the main dishes....alfredo... creamy
the main dishes....spagetti
makan time !!!!

Ambience is good. Food also good, especially the ones that we ordered. Big portion and yummy..


One Other ... said...

Huhuhu! At least I got to see my cousin at the same day oso... a bit late sikpa.

Desmond said...

Lucy Wong the big boss?

mama belian n cengal said... desmond
she is the section head