Friday, September 26, 2008


how fast time goes by? blink..blink... it's going to be October next week. then November and December. 3 more months to 2009. Cengal will start her primary school and Barry will be in Year 4. both will be in the morning session.

hmm ... as for me. am still i am. bila nak slim lagi nie... he he he. pokoknya happykan? and no problem with health. Thank God! hope it will stay that way... career wise, promotion was mentioned by the boss, but tak nampak pun apa-apa lagi!!! lembab!!! do you want me to add the turnover percentage, huh?

money wise? jackpot is 20 mil and still waiting for the lucky one.... ha ha ha. u'll never know when ur lady luck is with u. so ... keep trying!!


Desmond said...

May luck smile on you when the Jackpot lands into your hands! Ada poket money pegi Sabah sana tu bah.

TNH said...

I got buy..but luck seem like haven come yet..hehe..might be tomoro..wahaha

mama belian n cengal said...

mamanya endak pergi, si cengal aja yg pergi bah...
kalau kena, bukan pocket money namanya... he he

yup....jgn putus asa!!

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