Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i've been maidless for a year already
i'm used to it now
everything has to be done urself
weekdays would be ....prepare the breakfast, cook dinner, laundry once every 2 days
weekends would be ....sweeping, moping, clean the toilet, ironing, u name it
tapi tak juga slim-slim

i miss the opportunity to be able to jog/brisk walking at stutong park & the reservoir park
opportunity to stay late in the office and then adjourn for teh tarik at the coffee shop in front of the office...

well, this was what i did last sunday, dan hari-hari sewaktu dengannya....

satu longgokan

yang terdaya..

one thing i know about doing this chore 'ironing'
u can have all the time u want to do ur thinking... he he he
mana taknye, satu sesi boleh ambi masa 1 - 2 jam
be it thinking about work, life, money, kids, relationship etc
dont tell me bila u buat ironing kepala u blank!
other than that, boleh iron depan tv dan layan dvd ke, HBO ke, Hallmark ke

what say you?


Yatie said...

same with maidless for 6 months.. but at least no more haedache with maid. but offcourse you have to do everything. lucky husband helping with laundry and ironing.
can I add you to my blog? Yatie -

mama belian n cengal said...

yes ..go ahead
salam perkenalan di alam siber!