Monday, September 08, 2008

walk walk...

brought cengal and barry to the Spring
together with my mom last saturday
saje nak jalan-jalan
those 2 wanted to eat chix burger at sugarbun
and i'm starving for the fish burger... ermm yummy..

were so lucky, ada cat competition/exhibition going on at that time
wah got so many fat fat cat, chubby, and very cuddly
there was one very big and heavy...

bulunya halus and gebu

ni pun sama, montok sekali

i really admire this one, warna bulunya cantik, galus dan gebu, gemuk pulak tu

this was the biggest cat there, american maine breed (something like that)
it was the heaviest too, more than 30kg
her t-shirt says.... cat steal brain!! what a coincidence..

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