Friday, October 03, 2008

Escapade in Damai Puri

i am blogging now from Damai Puri
yup.... after visiting, we went direct to check in here
this was the Damai Lagoon beforeMount Santubong
the entrance to Damai Puri
dugong dan anak dugong tunggu nak mandi

nice view right? Mount Santubong at the back


One Other ... said...

Selamat beraya di damai!!! :-0

Desmond said...

Damai Puri - i have noy been there since they changed the name from Damai Lagoon. Expensive they say - but I miss the pool...hope to go there next week

mama belian n cengal said...

one other

service masih slack lah
there's one time in the evening no water for almost 2 hours
mahal n not worth it