Wednesday, October 08, 2008 - the morning crew

i really love this 2 guys – JJ and Rudy
i’m always listening to them on my way to work in the morning
sometimes, I would laugh in the car
and the drivers on my right or left would give me that weird look
crazy ahh this lady???

anyway, my cengal is following my footstep too
she also listens to them, and would laugh
it’s part of her english language enhancement, right?
i love the part where they ciplak some famous song
I got it from my mamak!!!!

hey, radio deejays now are not like what we used to have in the 90s before
they were a little bit more bersopan-santun then
and famous were the song request programmes
where u dedicated certain song to certain friends or individual.. he he he

technology does change people’s life..


Desmond said...

Muahaha..I like the part where they berpakat with the Pussycat Dolls to 'Gotcha' on their friend :)

One Other ... said...

Mama, in those days, there was no competition ... u know what happens when people take things for granted.

mama belian n cengal said...

ya ya .... that one!
these 2 really berhantu

one other,
betul itu cik puan.

jj said...

We will try to be more sopan santon in the future. :)
thank you for listening..

ps: Before you ask, yes it's me. I found your blog through I typed JJ hitz and found you