Thursday, October 09, 2008

is he gonna occupy the next cubicle?

am in the office right now
boss is busy interviewing somebody
a replacement for King Burp
we are really short-handed
please release my burden… I just cant focus anymore
too many things to do, too many customer to attend to

anyway, this guy who is being interviewed right now..
emmm…. not bad looking, tall and smartly dressed
when I say smart, means ada style lah!!

even ths boss commented on his 'handsomeness'!!!

(one other, if boss accept him, I’ll make sure you get to meet him…. ha ha ha ha)


One Other ... said...

Eh, mama... u sure he isnt that guy she interviewed last time? remember the one yg sepatutnya jd designer ya? what is he? malay? chinese? native? u know we're suckers for handsomeness. LOL.

candyman said... wave short for a shipwreak

mama belian n cengal said...

one other,
diff guy lah, this one is melanau
another 1/2 melanau also menyibuk di sini... he he he

candyman said...

it's called a "working hard to look busy" stance

One Other ... said...
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One Other ... said...

owh... why u didnt snap his photo? dapat i bagi my 20cent worth of pov. so? what was the verdict?

atomicvelvetsigh said...

gee i definitely know how you feel! ha!