Sunday, October 19, 2008

movie night - halloween

yup.... we went for a movie last night at star cineplex. we watched the 'Halloween'. gosh ..... so many killing scenes!!! heartless killing!!! my sis and i only realised that the movie is rated 18PL half an hour later after checking the tickets. pity my kids.... they had to close their eyes most of the times during the show.... even myself..

not recommended for children... and u know what? it will be shown in astro next month!!!


Buwau98 said...

Thanks for the follow but many many thanks for being the ardent reader of books by John Grisham.
My God,i never realized that i have seen 10 of the 11 movies that were based on novels written by him.

Beruang Madu said...

Citer hantu?? tidakkkkkk.... citer katun takder ker?? katanya madagascar dah nak start... dah start ker belum.. jom ke panggung

Willie said...

Not into scary creates tense. Hehehe

mama belian n cengal said...

i'm kinda stop reading nowadays. dont really have that too much time... really misses the opportunity to be really 'melekat' to the novels..

mr bear,
tak sangka citer tu byk sgt adegan bunuh. ingatkan citer budak2 biasa

yup.... i'm more to comedy and heavy drama... he he especially love story.. :)

aVe said...

house bunny is better.. hehe..