Tuesday, November 25, 2008

do not disturb, already disturbed

cool tee huh? so, is that how u give ur 100%?

just wanna share the 'cool'ness of it
yup, i took photo of this last saturday during a birthday celebration function of a fren. the owner looked so cool wearing it
dengan muka tak malu, i lambai him and snap a photo of his t-shirt
he is my hubby's fren of course
he told he bought this in thailand......
yeah u can find a lot of interesting prints on t-shirts in thailand
be it funny, cute or XXX......... u can choose ur preference..

and how about this?


farah.marzuki said...

cool tee! cudnt agree more, friday 8% jak. weekend mood taking over! ehhe.

btw, how to address you?! ehee sorry!

lily lotus said...

so cool!!

One Other ... said...

best nye!

org tua ke yg pakai tu? leher macam dah kedut jak... lol

mama belian n cengal said...

panggil jak Kak MBC - nama blogger

yup.... kalau tak i tak snap

one other,
sik juak tua gilak,....baya my hubby
mun u nanya nya personally, nya akan madah ... nya pernah dihukum gantung tapi sik mati-mati... he hehe. that's why lehernya jadi macam ya!!!