Monday, November 03, 2008

destination.......... durian feast

saturday early morning, daddy asked ' who wants to eat durian???'
apa lagi, i forced the kids to take bath quickly... he he he
sapa tak nak makan durian!!!
moreover, it is not that easy to find time to go out together, the 4 of us
peace from Cengal!!! daddy in action ... first time appearing in this blog... he he he
our destination was Tarat, on the way to Serian ....
nice view of the mountain, right?
we went to daddy's fren's house
we were served with durians!!! fresh from the mountain u know!!
got pulut and hot coffee, rambutans in the basket
at the back of the owner's house, the rambutan tree is bearing a lot of fruits
sweet and juicy...
apa lagi, sesi menjolok ler....
daddy, barry and cengal
the best part was..... we were given a basket of rambutans,
a big bottle of tempoyak!!!!
and lots and lots of durians!!!! untuk dibawa balik (tapau)
fresh from the trees in the mountain

this girl, she liked to carry this basket around (bidayuh calls it 'tambok')
and posed with it, the lady of the house was kind enough to give her one
small and cute, and she was very proud of getting it!!
identity crisis.... sekejap ngaku iban sekejap ngaku bidayuh... he he


abdullahjones said...


One Other ... said...

Did u know that you shouldnt take durians and coffee? it gives bad indigestion, and if salah hari, can cause you to have some sort of chemical reaction. i learned first hand.

same like u shouldnt take mangosteen with coffee or mix beer with tuak...

Sara said...

Alaa so cute d little gals carry basket..

juwin said...

hi kakak!!
akan ku horn nyerin2 mun mek melimpas kitak d pasar eh.. i think i ever saw u la kakak.. i'm doing my practical at pustaka aria.. i sit in the same room with tony and the others.. hihi.. bjejak kaseh lalu kita tok..

mama belian n cengal said...

welcome :)

one other,
no, i dont know... terimakasih ya atas nasihat ibu.... he he he


la....patut muka kitak familiar...
masih practical di sia kah?
kelak mek ngabas..

Hamidah Mohamad said...

I refrained from taking durians for health reasons. Doctor's order.It looks so mouth-watering. Rugi..rugi..Sabor aje le :)

Willie said...

A lot of my friends said, they want some durians and rambutan from me. unlike you...they don't want to drive to my home town. Ingat free delivery ke my durian and rambutan? Hahahaha

mama belian n cengal said...

kak midah,
kesian.... sabar je ye... he he e

my hubby have durian orchard. u need to walk about 20 minutes from where u park in Giam. There's one durian season few years back and a lot of trees bearing fruits... he offered to frens... sapa nak makan pergi kutip n angkut sendiri....dah bagi free, sendiri kutip lah kan? bukan nya kedak ngembak buah limau nipis... he he he

Sara said...

ur hubby have durian orchard MBC?
Zasss.. pg jeling2 tiket air asia.. kot2 dpt pg time musim durian. heheheh