Monday, November 24, 2008

grape eating 101

hi! today i am going to show u how to eat grape.
take a bunch of grape and hold it high above ur face
slowly, hang it closer to ur mouth and eat it one by one
like me below, until finish....

then u will get a beautiful and glowing smile like mine....


Hamidah Mohamad said...

Wahh..Cengal so beautiful and ada style lagi! She takes after whom Huh ? Hehehe..

Willie said...

It reminds me the story of Melaccan people who ate kangkong that way in order to see the face of the Chinese Emperor. It was in the history book right?

farah.marzuki said...

she's so cuteeee :)
your daughter kah?

mama belian n cengal said...

kak midah,
she takes after her nenek sebelah daddy... spitting image. check out this entry before:

yes... read about it too

TQ. my anak dara lah tu. nampak dah tanda2 high maintenance..

One Other ... said...

Mama... i foresee that u're going to have a hell of a time jaga this one when she gets past the age of 12. she's going to leave trails of broken hearts behind her... :-P

Yatie SawaNiLa said...

my dotter did same thing... FYI, dia hantu grape..

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