Friday, November 28, 2008

new habitat - temporary ?

we brought lotter, our kura-kura to my mom's house yesterday. temporary settlement for a week or more, or permanently. to be decided later. since daddy is away for more than a week, and we will be sleeping mostly at mom's house, got to bring lotter along. kesian, nobody bagi makan if we leave it. kebuluran lotter ku nanti.
the best part is..... lotter's new place at mom's house is way much better than ours at home. tak lah dia terperuk dalam tempayan. my father had to convert 'tempat pemanggangan (barbeque) atau tempat memasak makanan dalam buluh' into its temporary habitat.

hopefully, lotter can extend its stay here. maybe my father wont mind to issue lotter a permanent visa .... he he he


Willie said...

My dad keeps lots of tortoise at his orchard. They have a special home made only for them. It's kinda a big pond. Why give that tortoise the name lotter?

Sara said...

Lets pray laa huhh MBC.. Hope Lotter can stay permanent wif u. Tetiba i pulak tumpang emo.. hik hik

Audio said...

Aieeee! cute! besar juak nya hoh! :D

mama belian n cengal said...

that name was given sempena femesnya AF, and one student from KK

ek eleh... emo indah u ni...:)

auk dah besar... mun sampei tgn org lain takut nya masuk buluh atau kuali..