Friday, November 07, 2008

smelly @ bau

this is Bau town. it is not a smelly town! nice view, huh?.... if u cant think of anywhere to go during weekend, do drive to Bau. there are a lot of interesting places to go... i baru realised that some of the tourist spots have been renovated and well taken care of
The Wind Cave @ Gua Angin is a nice place to bring your family to relax..
my last visit here was about 15 years ago???
not forgetting the Tasik Biru
memang biru airnya, kalau langit birulah
kalau cuaca mendung.... tasiknya tak biru...hmmm
other than that u can find the Fairy Cave (got fairy meh??)
u can drop by at these places after ur trip to serikin ma....


Hamidah Mohamad said...

Wahh..kacaknya susunan gambar dalam blog tok...jadi udah kitak pun testing ya..jeless la hehe..

One Other ... said...

wah.. dah pandai susun gambar dah ooo... terror.

Sara said...

cantik view kat sane MBC..

P/S: bl agik kamek boleh pg s'wak? (sighh)

Willie said...

Will definitely go there.e

mama belian n cengal said...

kak midah,
TQ.... kitak gi cuba..

one other,
mesti rajin belajar...

dtg lah...

dont forget to take some photos too...

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