Monday, November 10, 2008

you gotta move it ..move it

we went for a movie yesterday. my sister, our kids and mama too. we watched the Madagascar - Escape to Africa. it was superb, very entertaining and highly recommended. frens..... do bring your kid/kids.

'my answer will all be yes unless a no is required'.... i like this line, by moto moto, a male hippo who tried to win the heart of gloria, the female hippo. and i like the penguins .... yeah the penguins!!!! the big boss of the penguins got married in this movie and went for honey moon in monti carlo.... ha ha ha
we went for the movie naik kereta baru my sis... he he he ... sporty and ada class !!! gen 2 SE.

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Willie said...

I am sure he MadaGascar movie is superb. But pls...don't try the burger at McD. Taste like Africa. Ahaks!