Tuesday, December 09, 2008

dalam belon...

aha! belon is local sarawak dialect for a plane.my sis n me in the flight kuching - kl.
so where do we go after this? what is our plan in KL?
straight to Pavilion kah? or Damansara?
must decide early-early.... but before that...
menjamu selera dalam belon... he he ..
sandiwch n roti jala n of course pepsi
we landed safely..... punya ramainya manusia kat LCCT!
but why go to this counter?


One Other ... said...

Best kan roti jalanya? tapi overpriced pulak. We're paying for the air-up-there.

Mama! pesan beli baju kurung sogo sigek! hehe

Willie said...

I have not been on flight for a while. Phobia of flying. got many bad experiences while working overseas. My nature of work requred my to travel a lot. That's why i quit the job. Hahaha

Hamidah Mohamad said...

Wahh.. you datang KL senyap-senyap aje ye.Tak ajak kita jalan-jalan pun hehe..

mama belian n cengal said...

one other,
aku dah balik. sogo tak pergi..
lain kali je lah ye..

yup... ada yg takut, ada yg no problem..

Kak Midah,
Langkawi 2 malam, KL semalam aja. Last minute decision to fly to langkawi. Original plan was to shop kat KL aja... next time ya!

Audio said...

Mama!.. sidak madah langkawi nektok kin kacakk!~~ yalah mek ingin nak gi langkawi. Last time I went there was 6 yrs ago :|

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