Thursday, December 04, 2008

looking for better coverage??

what was this man trying to do?
it was raining heavily...
took this after having lunch with miss saigon in tabuan laru area
we were asked by boss to site visit our new office
willie, i am moving closer to ur place of work... he hehe


onggon said...

Bahya hujan2 tel.. kena kilat kelak.. Wah. dah dekat opis Mr. Willie?? Geng blogger oo..

onggon said...

Pasal inprovise tek, Bahsa Swak ke BI is ok.. Tapi BI to Swak, is not ok, fail! Kekekeke.. Paham BI, tapi writing and speaking, totally fail... kekekeke

Willie said...

Must be U mobile la ya. Anyway, it's good that your office is closer to us. Probably we can go out for minum sometimes.