Friday, December 12, 2008

Ricky Martin got a twin!

he got sons, twin born thru surrogate.
name are Matteo and Valentino, they look so cute!!
he is taking care of them alone, no mother.... again no mother!

so anyone wanna be their nanny?
if i can, i wanna apply for that position... he he (berangan sekejap)
dalam pengetahuan i memang ramai lelaki metro masa kini yang ambil anak angkat, i think one of malaysian great fashion designer also adopt a son
the kids will be getting more fatherly love
not sure on the effect in the children's personality when they grow up, will they know how to respect and love a woman?


Sara said...

Yeaa.. I think i knew dat m'sian fashion designer. hehehe..

farah.marzuki said...

hmmm.. gay kah ricky martin tok? heheheh.makey surrogate mother indah. hehehe

Hamidah Mohamad said...

They may miss out on motherly love, but upon proper upbringing and good environmental impact,they should know how to respect woman.