Tuesday, May 19, 2009

benjamin butang

some of you might have watched the movie oledi. me?
i only had the chance to watch the dvd last night.. it was very touching.
better late than never right?

from wiki:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was released as a lengthy motion picture late in the 2008 season. It stars Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.

Beginning with the death bed scene of an old woman in New Orleans, the story is revealed quite differently. In the film, Benjamin, born a wrinkled and arthritic infant whose mother died at his birth, was abandoned by his father and lived in a nursing home for seniors with a young African-American named Queenie, whom he called Momma. When he was twelve years of age, he met a girl named Daisy who believed him when he said that he was aging in reverse. They fell in love and after many changing events in their lives, had a child. The child never had the opportunity to know her father because he left the household and she was raised by her mother and a stepfather whom Daisy married some time after Benjamin left.

The film ends with Daisy relating to their daughter how as an older woman, she cradled the baby Benjamin in her arms as he ceased to live. (gue menangis tersedu-sedan sorang diri part nie.. he he he). Benjamin also becomes plagued with the illnesses of old age while looking younger.

moral of the story:

you will never know what comes tomorrow... n true love will never let u down, no matter what.

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Hamidah Mohamad said...

Yeay it's a good movie.Something different, touching and an absorbing story.