Wednesday, June 17, 2009

cynthia or sentia?

ms f.i.e.z.a wrote my name as cynthia.
that is what it is supposed to be spelled la...
but, no.... it is spelled as 'sentia'. bahasa malaysia baku.
yes.... my name is sentia.

i thought i was the only one having that unique name here in Sarawak.
guess what.... no is the answer again..
when i was processing the applications for passport while working with the immigration dept 1 and 1/2 decades ago, i found one person by the name 'sentia' too, born in kapit! i guess that the same registration officer might have transferred to JPN Kapit and registered that name for her...:)

IF U GOOGLE, u will find..........

(1) extracted from wikipedia:

In Roman mythology, Sentia was the goddess who oversaw children's mental development. It is also said it was the goddess who gave awareness to the young child. Early Roman Mythology focused on the interlocking and complex interrelations between gods and humans. In this, the Romans maintained a large selection of divinities with unusually specific areas of authority. A sub-group of deities covered the general realm of infancy and childhood. In this area, Sentia was called upon as a general guardian and tutelary deity of the mental development of children.

and the best part is.......

(2) SENTIA is a natural sexual enhancement for women. Below are some of the testimonies from the website,

'I can't count how many times I have been disappointed after sex with my husband, it just seems sex was becoming more like a job. That is until I started taking Sentia. Sentia has put the pleasure back for me and I am actually looking forward to sex now. Count me a satisfied customer.'

'After watching the commercial I thought Sentia could be my solution, but wasn’t sure. I though my husband would be mad if I ordered it. Well, I was wrong. Not only did my desire increase, but my husband is really getting into it now also. I told the girls at work about it, and 2 of them are already on them. One girl says she now has multiple orgasms because of Sentia, I haven’t had that yet, but I’m hoping.'

OMG !!!! well... i am flattered. anybody wants to order?


Ms Tikot said...

Menarik nya juak nama ktk...

lvynana said...

"natural sexual enhancement for women" hebat eh!

Willie said...

HEhehehe....tegolek baca.

AmirFX said...

Awww.... Sexay....!! haha..

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

yahhhh sexual enhancement ya sikpat.. hahaha terpaksa mbak sentia selalu tok..hahahhaa kidding! btw, hi...!

lily lotus said...

hahaha...oklah tu!

[h]einsen said...

heheh..nama ktk agak common tp ejaan nya jak sik common..unik..kdak nama kmk juak..heheheh..

f.i.e.z.a said...

sori sis..xtauk mek camnei eja.huk huk...nxt tym mek sik salah gik aa.thanx!

penanya (?) said...

great! I really like mythology, nice post!

Big Momma said...

sentia + sa = sentiasa ha ha ha

tidak ku sangka juga

menar? bulak eh...:)


hi! aku terkezut jua nemua ya...


auk nama common, ejaan BM baku

sikda hal... saja nak madah...:)

welcome n thanx

One Other ... said...

hmmm... natural sexual enhancement, like what... plant? herb? partical? liquid? gel? or just say the name 'sentia' before u do business? hehe

n i e z a said...

nang stael nama kitak ko. meaning nya pun stael juak. ;)

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