Friday, October 23, 2009

new section, new boss

Staff Transfer - Puan Big Momma

Dear all,

Please be informed that Puan Big Momma will be assigned to assist in the management of the major customer accounts and strategic projects for the Company effective from 1 November 2009. Attached herewith is the transfer letter for your reference.

Thank you.


at last..... is it a sigh of relieve? a bit of it yeah... a bit of nervousness pun ada. takut my new boss put a high expectation on me. a bit of sadness pun ada, coz i'm gonna miss the company of the 'hantu(s) and kepala gila' punya colleagues in my current section now. still in the same company bah..... lokasi and seksyen jak tukar!

one more week to go.... ;)


Coffee Girl... said...

Be brave Mama... good luck!!!

Willie said...

All the best. Apa apa pun, asal boleh blog...hahahah

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

best of luck big momma!!

Cyril said...

Take it easy.. all the best in the new department.

viruspadu said...

caya lahhhhhhhhhhhhh

mcm ni baru maju chewahhhh

tahniah :D

rinduu sama bigmama ni tauuu

bila mahu ketemuk lagi kita :D

lvynana said...

hebat juak nama 'task' ya ;)