Tuesday, January 26, 2010

what shud i say?

am busier and more things to do in this new section. do i like it? yes and no. yes coz the work loads keep my mind busy and my brain working! no coz there's no more 'snaking' time. not that i am a 'kaki ular' but no long breakfast before going to office like before. no long lunch break like it used to be before. i have 'morning prayer' with my immediate boss every morning at 9am unless there is a meeting or event. every morning... yes it is.

this blog has not been updated frequently kan? but I still visit my favorite blogs now and then.... yang listed kat right hand tu ler.... and ada juga yang tak listed. so guys, i am still around... he he he

am going to Bintulu next thursday & friday. project site visit. that's one good thing in this new section. got to travel! tak lah boring sangat! u know what? i have never been to Bintulu before.. ha ha ha. this would be my first trip there. am expecting a chance to go to Kapit too this year. hopefully ada peluang..

first month of 2010 almost ending. 11 more to go....... :)


Ms Tikot said...

Good luck to u. Hehe ;-)

Cath J said...

wowww... busy mama.... ^_^