Tuesday, June 22, 2010

how i wish my baby girl remains a baby

i am suspecting my cengal is in the beginning stage of a puberty.
she told me that there is something wrong with her nipples. i touched them.

ask my sister about it. i cant remember my own development.
this morning i did the normal thingy nowadays...... oooo google!

then i found this.

breast bud - Oftentimes a small firm mass is appreciated right under the areola (darker-colored) tissue on the chest. It can be on only one side and is movable, not attached to the muscle or ribs beneath, and does not cause any pain.

The beginning of breast development is one of the earliest signs of puberty in girls, the appearance of pubic hair being the other. In other words, pubic hair and breast buds appear close together.Breast development normally begins about 1 year before the menstrual period begins. The development takes several years.
In the first stage (during childhood) the breasts are flat. Next comes the breast bud stage. In it, the nipple and breast are slightly raised as milk ducts and the fat tissue begin to form. Also, the areola begins to enlarge. The very early breast bud is something you might easily miss, because the change from flat breasts is so slight. The only difference is that the nipple area begins to look a little 'puffy'.


it cant be that soon for her! she is still a baby to me. however, i cant deny the fact that she is so mature compare to her age.

yesterday, she showed me all her test papers. she got all A's!!!
my smart and beautiful girl!


Beautiful Stranger said...

anak yang bijak!! adoh..smua saat ya mmg berlaku..even kmk..sikmok adik bongsu mek besar2. biar kecik utk slamanya..she's the one tmpt mek jd mbiak kcik..

Coffee Girl said...

besar sudah cengal ho... next u'll be fighting boys off her!

Ms Tikot said...

Wah bestnya budak kecik tok.. Semua A. Semoga nya dpt A semua sampai nya dah besar klk;-)