Thursday, June 16, 2011

no boundary, mandi bogel berdua

cengal and bantal busuk kesayangan

my girl, Cengal is 9 years old.
i am happy that i have this kind of 'girl to girl talk' relationship with her.
hopefully melarat sampai dia dewasa nanti

i do not have that kind of relationship with my mother
not even the rest of my younger sisters

maybe they way we were brought up

there is still this gap, mother to daughter talk only

masih ada batas-batas kesusilaan...hehehe

tak pernah senang2 nak citer pasal boipren ke, cerita kawan di sekolah ke, whatever in ur mind

cengal menyarung tudung auntynya!

with Cengal, i told her that she is free to talk to me on anything
no boundary, no uneasiness, shud be frank and open

any topic under the sun!

girl to girl talk lah tu. we talk about her girlfrens, classmates

we talk about her dreams, ambitions

with kisses and smooching in between... :)

bila tanya pasal boipren, she will say.... i dont want to have any!!!

sometimes the 2 of us will mandi sama, dua2 mandi bogel..hahaha

then she will start to ask why this why that

macam-macam benda pelik dia tanya

usually lepas makan malam, siap berbasuh pinggan apa semua
or lepas i mandi.
we 2 will lepak atas katil, we call it sesi lepak sebelum dia masuk bilik dia untuk tidur
sometimes habis berbual she will tertidur atas katil i, then kena pindahkan to her own bed

masa ni lah macam-macam yang akan dibualkan

(selalunya bila daddy dah control TV kat living room lah tu)

and i always say to her.... sik best dicium agi! sik da bau baby lagi!

so, she will put on some johnson baby powder to her body and pipi...hehhehe

baru rasa cium baby


Coffee Girl said...

Awwww Cengal.. u will be in trouble when she becomes an adolescent in the next few years. Then you will really worry. I dont have such openness with my mom either and most of relationship knowledge i learn from Mills & Boons in those days. haha

AmirFX said...

Haha.. Mok pakei bedak juak.. haha.. NWay, kmk asanya kelak akan rapat ngn ktk kak Tia..

lvynana said...

camne la kamek tok, mok usaha baby gal juak la camtok :)

yatie said...

same with me... try to be open with my daughter. also got mandi berdua... hehee

Anonymous said...

u follow my style one hehehe
u copycat me hehehe
me n my daughter share and do everything like wat u story there
i share with you a lot of secret but u dun wan to share with me, not my fault ahhh
O BEN.....