Friday, August 12, 2011

ur name is not in the list

buat penat aku je buat preparation for the meeting. datang je ke meeting room at customer place terus ditanya, "what are u doing here?".

la........... i said, " i thought i am suppose to do the presentation on behalf of my boss.."

the IT manager pula jawab, "ur name is not in the invitation list for the meeting..."

i checked and read the notice. The meeting is between our customer and the ICT unit of the Chief Minister Department only....


"oh i see..... it's okay then. i have been wrongly informed then.
" i packed up and left the meeting room quietly. luckily tak ramai orang lagi...ehehehe.
malu? no lah, i tak malu. kesilapan teknikal je..hehehe
apalah lah my boss ni, bagi salah info.

seminggu prepare material untuk presentation.... beberapa kali ubah pulak tu. boss kan cerewet, semua kena perfect. font size kena sama, font colour tak nak kaler hitam. in the end, salah info.

buang minyak buang masa betul lah...

anyway, cengal suka main one game with me. she called it 'dare' or 'truth' game. so, one time i chose to play 'truth'. in this game u have to tell the truth. she asked me a question...

"when was the last time mummy kissed daddy?"

"last nite" i answered her.

"cium kat mulut or pipi?" she asked again...

(oh! nak ambi peluang tanya soalan pelik-pelik ye!)
kids nowadays....

happy weekend!


Mizz Coki said...


if me lah, adoi lari pecut 100m haha! Malewww!

Coffee Girl said...

Cengal: Truth mommy! Answer the question!