Friday, March 16, 2012

All's well that ends well

Yesterday, after a few emails on project matters, my boss emailed this to me:


Hint: William Shakespeare.

Damn.  Wanna play games huh! It took me quite some time to search for it.. what it means.

Yup, managed to find it anyway.  All's well that ends well.


Then he replied me this:

Not bad at all. I got the book if you are interested?
In fact I have almost all his plays...
They are divided into:

All in all, 36 of them.

How considerate? Nice.  

But it would be nicer if I have the time to read nowadays.
Miss the old days where I have all the time I want to read my books, novels, magazine etc..
I could finish a novel in a nite, even didnt mind to sacrifice my precious sleep...


Coffee Girl said...

i dont really trust men who reads poems and plays. they have a tendency to be overdramatic and wear their hair in a turn-offish weird way. but that's just me........... muahahahaha

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tia, wow! First time I read of a boss like what you have....good for him, you too.
And yes, find the time, create the time to read these.
Have fun.