Monday, November 26, 2012

Breaking dawn

I didn't know.

I was one of the character...... yeeeeha!

photo credits to google

Watched the movie yesterday.  Cengal begged me to bring her.  Dragged Barry along.
Too slow for me.  I even slept for few minutes before the clash scene between the two parties.
Damn! It was just Alice's vision!

But I like the last part, where Bella 'shared' her view of their love story with Edward, and the background song of 'Thousand Years' being played. Cool and very touching! 

Next: World War Z .... Brad Pitt

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Uncle Lee said...

Hello Tia, I have lost touch with movies, don't even know what is showing or latest....reason being I stopped reading the papers after retiring.
Sometimes I see on TV the adverts....

But more see movies on TV....
This one you saw, not my kind, I'll sleep too.
I love more those fast moving ones like Indiana Jones, Romancing the stone, Last Samurai kinds.
Have a nice day.