Friday, June 28, 2013

Rainforest World Music Festival 2013 (RWMF2013): Media Briefing & Opening Ceremony

First of all, I would like to thank Sarawak Tourism Board and Sarawak Bloggers for giving me the opportunity to be part of the media team to cover this prestigious world event, Rainforest World Music Festival 2013.  The event is being held currently from today till next Sunday, 30 June 2013.

Yesterday was the Media Briefing which was held at 5.00pm at the RWMF Media Centre located at Damai Beach Resort, followed by the Opening Ceremony of the event in the evening.

It was fun.  Exciting to anticipate the 'happenings' for the next few days.

Seven of us form Sarawak Bloggers were selected to cover event.  There are 3 parts in the RWMF2013 that we need to cover, the daily press conferences, daily workshops and the nightly concerts. 

My partner masa driving up to Damai Beach Resort yesterday, Miss Ophelia John.  Seorang cikgu yang kiut-miut macam I juga.  Kiutkah aku? Our first time to go to RWMF, and our first assignment to cover this kind of world event.  

The four out of five ladies and two gentlemen from Sarawak Bloggers.  Do check their blogs too on the sharing of their experiences of the events  ....

We met up at the Media Centre.  Ramai juga the media representatives from local and international yang dah sampai.  Saya dah tak rasa segan dah coz memang ramai para media yang 'senior' ada kat situ.  Senior dari segi umur...hehehe. 

Sebelum apa-apa kena register, collect our tag and goody bag!  
Tengok tu.... berserabut dah tag-tag sekalian.  Kena buat sisih dan pilih!

Gambar jap sebagai bukti....

Apa ada dalam beg itu?  Ada T-shirt...

Tak pernah I show a lot of my photos in previous posts...hahaha.  Kali ni dah terlebih.  Maafkan daku.

The media briefing were done by the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) CEO, Dato Rashid Khan and STB Corporate Communications Director, Angelina Bateman.  A lot of info were shared.  Amongst other things, this year there will be 21 group performing, 13 are international groupsand 8 are locals group.

Some of the groups that will be performing..
Nunukul Yuggera from Australia
Rhythm in Bronze from Malaysia ..... Gongs and Gamelan!!! I Like!!
Habadekuk from Denmark

Do check out on more info of the performers here -

RWMF has been voted for the 4th consecutive year in 2013, as one of the 25 best International Festivals by renowned world music magazine, Songlines.  And it has been awarded the Brand Laurette 2012-2013.  Congratulations to Sarawak!  We are in the eyes of the world!

The next agenda that evening was the opening ceremony of the event.
Photo credits to HEA IPD Kuching
 We were entertained by The Pine Leaf Boys from Louisiana, and Palsandae Korean Performing Arts group.

 And there were us....
Photo credits to HEA IPD Kuching
Heading for the RWMF 2013 workshops today!! 

Come and join the fun!  Scare of trafiic jam, long queue ?
No worry, shuttle bus ada!

The festival organiser encourages people to use public transport provided by City Public Link which serves from Hills Shopping Mall and Merdeka Palace Hotel to the festival venue, Sarawak Cultural Village. Bus departs every hour from 10am to 8pm from these venues to SCV with one-way tickets priced at RM15 each. Return bus schedule from SCV will be as late as 1:30am back to city.

See u there..


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