Friday, July 19, 2013

Kiss on the forehead.

Show me your love baby!
And how would u do it?  Hug? Buy gift? Go for a dinner? Kiss?
There are so many ways to show your love.

Kissing is one of the universal acts of showing your love. You, me, he or she, or anyone of us would have receive or give kisses at some point in our life.  A kiss can be placed at any part of the body.  It can be on your lips, cheek, forehead, hand or anywhere you can imagine.  Hmm.... may not want to be too detailed here... hehehe.

Everyone would know that there are so many types of kisses.  Some of the examples are the very famous French Kiss, the normal Lip Kiss, the Earlobe Kiss and the Air Kiss.  The special kiss for me would be the Forehead Kiss.  To me the kiss on the forehead is a sign of affection and respect. It is also a sign of adoration, gratefulness, compliment, and a sign of love. Not much of a sexually kind of kiss.

It is easy to comprehend when a mother kisses her children on the forehead.

Forehead kiss is much gentler, thoughtful and meaningful.  It means the kisser wants to care for you and protect you.  Try it.  The respond is different.  The feeling is different.  It goes straight to your heart!

I chatted with my dear friend ( you know who you are) on forehead kiss 3 - 4 months back.  What does it mean , what does it reflect?  She is engaged to the kisser now.  Alleluya!

So my love..... kiss me on the forehead!


Coffee Girl said...

A firm believer in forehead kisses. <3 We shd totally start a assoc. for forehead kisses follower. hihi

Me likey this post!

Tia said...

jom tubuhkan...hahaha