Friday, July 11, 2014

Paying with cash?

It's 11.19 pm when I started to draft this entry last night.
I was supposed to finish up a report on risk management for a discussion with my boss this morning.
But damn, whenever I wanted to start working on it..... my eyes get sleepy.

A blogger got to do what she got to do.
Hit the keyboard and type.
Blog..... blog..... and share the story that interest you and may touch the readers' life in one way or another. It can be just a simple story (citer remeh temeh ).
It can be from an experience, sweet or bitter encounter.

This is gonna be a short one.

Few nights back...
I stopped buy at a nearby supermarket on our way home to buy some food stuff.
Filled up the shopping basket, not trolley ye... with mostly Barry's and Cengal's needs. Packed fresh milk, cereals, biscuits, and some toiletries. Proceed to the counter.... that one particular counter.

Photo form Google

Greeted by the cashier, " ... paying with cash?".

I answered, 'Yes!".
I was still in my smart office attire, blouse and pant.
Total bill was RM109.00

So what was the issue?
It was her TONE! The way she asked whether I am paying with cash or not, as if she was looking down at those who are NOT using credit cards to pay.

Wake up girl!!!

You are still young.  You still have a long way to go.
Very wrong conception you got there...
I was a victim once.  I settled all and recovered, in pain and the hard way.

I will not go back.

Another encounter with a cashier.... read here:

Happy weekend !!


Ez Vina said...

I'm sure she doesnt mean it in a bad way.

Tia said...

hi mem....

the body language and the tone say it all....:)

Coffee Girl said...

maybe she's had a rough day. sorry to hear of ur encounter.

Anonymous said...

Hi KAK . Mun kamek kenak, huh berlepak pipi cashier ya . I don't give a damn. Kali nya sik dapat malam kali.
Cucu nenek kebayan