Thursday, April 02, 2015

The very much delayed Miri Country Music Fest 2015 story.

It has been more than a month, coming to two...

The trip was a short weekend escapade from work.
3 of us were supposed to go together but MsCyril could not make it towards the last minute. So, MsAngeli and I went together on Friday afternoon and met a few friends and also my fellow Sarawak Bloggers at the venue, Park City Everly Hotel that Saturday.

Sarawak Bloggers - Garner, Khairool, Aliey and yours truly...
The event started off with a workshop in the afternoon.  I did not go for it.
I went for a short trip to Bintulu by road in the morning and back to Miri in the evening. Throughout the journey, I love the scenery.  It was my first road trip Miri-Bintulu-Miri and the drive was along the coastal road.

Miri-Bintulu coastal road
Astounding scenery............. sejuk je mata memandang

The music fest was great!!! More than 2000 people attended that night, not only from Sarawak but KL, Singapore, Brunei and our beloved foreign visitors.
The stage, the lighting, the props, the crew and the venue were fantastic and tremendously satisfying my expectation.

The bazaar area.... handicrafts, souvenirs, tshirts, food and drinks

The place to claim your free drinks and to buy more drinks.
The crowd were very very sporting.... they danced together, shook their bon bon swaying to the music.  And most of the crowd really dressed up to the occasion. They put on their boots and jeans and cowboy shirt and hats.

The very young and the seniors are enjoying themselves...

Lets enjoy some of the photos that I managed to take... not that great as I was using my phone.  

Great performance by The Starlets, our very own ladies band from Miri.

Us with the Starlets gals...
Great music, great performance by the HI-BREED, from Kuching
Very entertaining.... thumbs up!

I realised that I only took photos of the two first performers... hehehe.  The place was too crowded thereafter, so we enjoyed watching the performance at the back and in between the crowd, and also in the open area at the bazaar. The performers that night....

MsCyril where are you? MsAngeli and I had a great wonderful time.  No... I did not wear my cowboy shirt.  Went to the hotel straight from Bintulu. Tak mandi ... continued till midnight..:)

To the event management, some points to note (if you read this): 
Please provide more tables and seats at the bazaar area where patrons preferred to sit outside under the moon and the stars while watching the performance on the big screens provided, and enjoying the food and drinks. Mostly seniors and can't stand too long lah.... hahaha. 
By the way.... the char kuey tiaw was very yummy and tasty!!! 

Next year, it is going to be a two days event.  More performers... more party nights and more boozing...

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