Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spitting Image

This is my hubby’s mother punya photo. MIL le tu… She passed away when he was small. So, I never meet her. I was told that she was the most beautiful Bidayuh lady at her area at that time, and came from a respectable family.

Yang herannya kan….. Do try to compare these two photos.

Cengal and nenek nya nie…
Seiras kan? Spitting image they call it…right?
Senyumnya sama, lirikan mata yang sama, shape muka pun sama

No wonder she is very manja with her daddy… remind him of his mother


kenergy_ichi said...

mansa enda lama... Thanks for visiting...

mr_abs said...

aok, nampak nang sama nya duak ya. kachak mukanya

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