Monday, September 15, 2008

by land or by air

my parents want to go to KK during this coming hari raya holidays
they want to bring my kids along
they want to celebrate hari raya with my sister Jess n her family there
my brother Nico, the inspector sahab is also there

after checking the flight detail for both Air Asia n MAS,
the return tickets are about 450 –550 per pax
if 4 of them, it will easily cost RM1900 – 2200 per pax

alamak…. mahal lah kawan

then, I had a discussion with my sister, Chee
what about going there by land?
although the journey time will be longer, the transportation cost will be half of the above
and many more of us can go
mom + aba + chee n 2 kids + me n 2 kids = 8

can my hilux fit all of us?
we will be squeezing like ikan sardin dlm tin… ha ha ha

but it’s going to be a fun journey
Kuching to Miri will take more than half a day
along the journey, we will be stopping two or three times
spend a night at my auntie’s house in Miri
the next day, we can start our journey to KK, passing thru Brunei

Kuching to Kota Kinabalu - two days one night
Kota Kinabalu to Kuching – two days one night also

Time spent together – PRICELESS!!!

2 weeks to decide…


Anonymous said...

Oh ben.....

arani said...

Ujung2 sik jadi...