Tuesday, September 16, 2008

world car wash day, is it?

i was doing my ironing as usual last Sunday
looking down the window, I saw my neighbours were busy wahing their cars
was a bit kepoh that day… he he he

this couple, not sure they are husband n wife, but look more like a brother n sister to me…
they wipe n clean this car, every morning u know!!
sometimes after work, they do that also
gosh….. can the car paint last like this?
got no other thing to do meh?
wash car, wipe car, splash car with water

i guess they enjoy doing all that …. respect thy neighbour!


Yatie SawaNiLa.com said...

we washed our car trice a wekks but off course hire somebody to do so.

One Other ... said...

i wash my car once in two weeks, if i feel like it... and straightaway the next day it rains. always. makes me feel like hitting someone. now i know how to make it rain on dry days. d'you think it'll work? hmmm...