Tuesday, October 14, 2008

kopi o peng, seed bank and roundabouts....

I started my day this morning with breakfast at Kaya n Toast, Central Park with King Burp, Miss Saigon and ‘real man drink tea’…those are ex-colleague and my colleagues. We have been here quite a number of times. However, this morning the services were suck. It took more than 20 minutes for our eggs to arrive. The kopi-o-peng (my favourite drink) was not ‘kaw’ enough although I specifically asked for a ‘kaw’ one.

Then, I went up to Sarawak Biodiversity Centre all the way up to 12th mile to send some invoices and meeting the IT in charge. SBC is a very nice place to work. Why? A lot of trees and herbal plants at the surrounding area. Even the air smelled fresh and clean. It is very greenish over there.

Along the way back, I took some photos.

This bank for sure cannot deposit and withdraw money one... he he he

a lot of durians.... it's the season now. too bad, our kebun tak berbuah this year

what i'm trying to write about on the photos below is that, the roundabouts are being abolish. current one is the 8th mile roundabout as per below

the seven mile's roundabout has been converted into traffic lights

Kuching was famous for its roundabouts. the only town that can be close enough to Kuching to have lots of roundabouts is Shah Alam. when i was working in Shah Alam before, it was like staying in Kuching.... he he he. now, u dont see the tabuan jaya, 6th mile, 7th mile roundabouts anymore. did we have any for batu lintang or not? cant recall... in Bau there is still a very small roundabout, in between the 2 old row of shophouses dekat temple or something like that...he he he. masih ada kah?

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