Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sushi king escapade

i was not an ardent lover of Japanese food before. not even sushi..
the idea of eating raw fish....yikes, dont like it
after a few makan-makan session with colleagues and frens
i tend to like it now
tak kenal maka tak cintakan?

we went for our sushi king escapade in the Spring last friday
got bluffed by MG that it cost only RM2 per plate for that day
that promotion will only be available this coming 22nd-23rd oct lah
dah duduk mana nak angkat lagi...

berbaris-baris di atas conveyor belt...

sashimi.... i like
i ate this too...
seafood pancake........ very small portion
this is nice.... i ate this toocutenyer.... King Burp and Tikot

anyway we enjoyed the food very much
raja sushi dan himpunan plate paling tinggi went to King Burp!!!

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Anonymous said...

Macam kenal saje dengan perempuan baju hijau tu... Siapa ya?