Tuesday, December 16, 2008

stucked, stuffed n i am not a turkey

i am stucked in a UAT (user acceptance test) session whole day. our company is asking us to test our so called ERP system.. acting as a guinea pig for a day..
today's entry is a rojak, macam nasi campur
anything crossed my mind, just to get rid of my boringness and sleepiness..

my mom's house is ready for Christmas. the christmas tree has been put up n decorated. nothing is done to my own house yet. mim alif lam sin rasanya....

Christmas shopping in KL can really make u crazy..
It always coincide with the year-end sales
Crazy due to the discounted prices n variety of choices in what u want
Especially shoes n handbags
Crazy due to the crowded shopping complex too..

‘aksi orang rambang mata!!! In end the end didn’t buy any shoe’

I missed the tom yam bee hoon that I ate in Thai-thai restaurant in Sunway Pyramid during my last trip to KL. They served u in a very very big bowl and the portion was only half of the bowl. Price was RM14 per bowl. U can fit ur whole face in the bowl!!! It looked as it was underserved. However, the tom yam bee hoon was very yummy.
Cukup pedas, cukup rempah….. terliur I mengenangkannya.

**photos courtesy of MG

*** my boss is sitting next to me now.....damn!!


One Other ... said...

Wait.. did u say photo courtesy of MG? U mean, our MG? He was with u?? OMG?

sedapnya tomyum....................

Hamidah Mohamad said...

Wahh MBC I'm impressed with your 'mim alif lam sin',Did you learn Jawi? haha..

Audio said...

Nice pictures!~ XD
Boleh jadi pro photoghrapher tok mama eh ehek :D

chubskulit said...


misty said...

i would love to try thai food

joops said...

looks delish!

Willie said...

mak Datuk! RM14 per bowl? I hope it was worth buying. Was it? I have not been to sunway pyramid for such a long time. It used to be the place where i used to date my girlfriend (my wife today). That place is soooooo beautiful.

Sara said...

MBC-Dtg sini tak jmpe we all pun.. sedih kte.. nangis tepi ais box jap..

lily lotus said...

pandai bahasa jawi ni..hehe..btw slmt membuat preparation!

mama belian n cengal said...

one other,
yup... we janji to meet there..

kak midah,
when i was in primary school. at that time masih ada belajar jawi.. now no more. yang senang boleh eja, baca ok tapi terkial2 juga... he he he

ex colleague mek ambik gambar ya...


thanks fro dropping by... u must try thai food!!

u too...

aha... u can get 3 bowls of laksa here in kuching. sunway pyramid is getting bigger n bigger..

sorry.... benar2 tak sempat nak jumpa. next trip ok?

boleh le sikit2..