Wednesday, January 28, 2009

one sen coins

Mama went to a colleague house for a CNY visit just now. free lunch ma....
i was surprised to see some one sen coins being served in a container amongst the biscuits and tit-bits.

i thought that 'The government has phased out the one sen coins for the over-the-counter (OTC) payments to cut handling costs and effect greater convenience via a rounding mechanism from April 1, 2008. ', and now they are being served for CNY.... he he he...

it was to get rid of the flies (lalat)!!!! this is new to me !!
usually, people would just lit up a some candles

so, next time dont throw away your one sen coins
and i do have a lot at home


Audio said...

Haihh 1st time kamek nenga pasal petua tok mama eh. Anyway, thanx for the info! sik sangka.. berguna juak 1 cent tok ehek XD

SUPER MAMA said...

hai.. thanks for your adding.. about this one sen coins.. i already know about it before coz my cousin also did it at his home.. it's quiet true but until now i'm not trying yet.. takut anak ambik n termakan masok mulut! he..he..he.. nice knowing u

One Other ... said...

I witness first hand! they flew away at first, its probably the smell.

Tapi kan, the flies will come about half an hour later, when ur not looking. hehe. so not sure it's because of the 1 sen coin or something else.

khairul onggon said...

cemne nya molah tek?? di ikatnya pasya di ayun-ayun kah? hehe.. kreatif la kwn mama ya.. :)

Sara said...

Betul ke nihh? I ada lg 1 uncang kat office

AmirFX said...

Lalat ya bukan mata duitan nak?? Ya semua lari.. Bukan lalat yang jenis nak ngambik duit urang lain...

GregChai said...

thanks for the info, :D

mama belian n cengal said...

kamek pun terkejut ngan petua ya..

welcome...mun ada anak kecik berhati2 jak ok..

one other,
apa kata kita tabur syiling sesen ya di pasar ikan? he he he

mun dah ikat ngan ayun ya na mukau namanya... he he

cuba jgn tak cuba

benar kali...ha ha ha

no problem..

Willie said... least the bank still accepts one cent coin. Recently, i just dumped all my one cent coin to RHB. UWahahaha