Tuesday, April 21, 2009

thumbs up to E-FILING!!

Dah submit your income tax return? Closing date is 30th April, which is next week. Do you know about e-filing? I have been submitting my income tax online since 3 years ago. The first 2 years, I went to LHDN itself and did the submission kat dia orang punya PCs yang available kat situ. This year, I did it from my desk. It is very convenient and save so much time.

Ada yang skeptical lagi dengan submission online kan? No worry. Dijamin oleh Lever Brothers dan ditanggung halal…. He he he

Ok, if u buat e-filing, kalau ada yang u terlebih bayar, LHDN dah promised yang dia orang akan return your money within 30 days.

Betulkah ni? BETUL beb…..

I cuba, test, try and uji dia orang punya statement. I submitted my return online on the 13th March 2009, it was Friday. Simple and easy. Just click to https://e.hasil.gov.my. Don’t worry about ur copy of EA Form or dividend cert. U don’t have to submit them but just put in the details. But make sure u keep the documents in a file for future use or inspection.

So, days goes by…la la la la. Tup…tup

Mak: Halo, bisi surat nuan tok…. Asai aku cek nya ari sidak income tax!
(Hello, there’s a letter for you. Looks like a cheque from Inland Revenue)
Me : Yakah? Simpan jak diak duluk.
(Really? Please keep it aside)
Mak: Oleh lah cia makai tok….
(So, can bring me for makan?)
Me : 7 working days baru cek nya olih clear…
(It will take 7 working days to clear the cheque)

It was Wednesday, 8th of April. Less than 30 days!!!! Adalah few hundreds ringgit buat belanja pergi Kl this weekend..…;)

Yes, LHDN walk their talk!!!


Willie said...

I haven't tried. I still use the manual form...hahaha

Ms Tikot's said...

Kmk dah submit online juak dah.

mr.eims said...

e-filing is way better than manual.

Anonymous said...

kamik dah hantar juak, tapi LHDN tak nak kasi refund lagi, katanya nak semak dulu, ceh! masa potong laju jer, masa nak pulang nak semak pulak.

[ LADYKiKi] said...

hmmm submit jgn sik submit.. hihi

One Other ... said...

Done mine! Thanks mama. :-) tapi sikda refund this year. :-(