Monday, May 04, 2009

malaysians are rich!!!!

u know why i put that title? looking at our entertainment industries nowadays, we malaysians are considered rich. why rich? coz they are so many singing contest or reality programs that need us to vote. when u vote it is not by putting your hands up my dear.. u vote thru your phone, be it cell phones or house phones. the minimum charge is RM0.50 per vote.

i told myself i would not spend on voting! but wait..... i did spent some money voting for Tomok in the OIAM final last friday... he he he. Yes, he deserves being the winner, so i guess it was a right move for me to vote for him...;)

last night was crazy too... tekan channel sekejap TV2 and sekejap TV3. Worldstar was on TV2 and Mentor was on TV3. Congratulations to our very own Tuku Kame, Jerry Kamet and Bob for making it to Hollywood!!! ada chance lah jerry and tuku kame menang di hollywood nanti coz they are performing the ethnic music..

Mentor was entertaining too, ada humor sikit coz abang nas of melodi is there to melaga-lagakan the mentors... he he he. semua mentornya hebat-hebat sekali dan protege nya juga showing their very best! it is going to be a better mentor this season compared to the last two.

coming up is pencarian anak wayang! i think RTM also ada the same reality show... this one kira new lah.

so malaysians! tak kira gawat, tak kira ekonomi mendung.... reality TV programs still on coz they know that U always have some extra money to spare to VOTE.... he he he

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Willie said...

Not only rich, but we are spending unwisely nowdays.