Friday, August 14, 2009

cerita basi

been very bury this week. no time to update this blog. but able to read and blog hopping to some frens' blog, right? sambil berenang sambil minum airkan, tapi mun air kotor sik guna juak! so, i am summarising all the activities from last weekend here in this entry.

firstly, it was cengal besday kan? that saturday.. she was not feeling well. could not live her as i thought i want to join the bloggers meet with miss coki and frens... so, dok kat rumah aje.

in the evening, my sis invited us to her new cafe in MJC. it is called Lynn's Cafe. at the back of CL Khoon and Bata shop. in case any of u guys go there, mention 'big momma' and u'll get some discount ( iyer ke? tuan punya tak cakap pun.... tak salah cuba kan, nanti i mention kat dier). the cafe is opened from 4pm onwards. she is serving western food, ada chix chop, lamb grill, pasta n others.
towkay lynn: hello, nanti lu hantar itu ice cube ah... 50 guni!!!

pasta dier sedap, lemak dan berkrim

boboy jadi part time cashier

we bought small besday cake for cengal and did a simple celebration for her. mukanya pun masih pucat. she is seven now.... tak rasa dah besar anakku. sepuluh tahun lagi dah boleh kahwin! he he he.......
cengal: wish that my mummy kena jackpot 3 million!!!

ameer radzi: barry, sik da pompuan kac- kac kah sitok?
barry belian: ngegeh kau ya, sunat dah ke belom nak carik pompuan!!

emak ameer radzi: astaga....lama ada dah aku nunggu sitok, sik di hidang orang aik
cengal and ae'en, part time waitress


Joops said...

belated happy bday!

f.loren said...

hppy belated. tok bok ada masa mok singgah2 blog orang n comment eh. anyway, your cengal is sho cutee