Monday, October 19, 2009

cengal rocks!!

namaste!!!! happy belated deepavali!
i'm in kashmir now..... very cold!!
he he he... just kidding!

ada gaya priyanka copra tak? or kajol?
i can dance u know.... dont be surprised!
i can dance like a rock star!

aksi gila nie was taken masa one of the weekend. datang moodnya nak berdansa macam rock star. siap pakei raket badminton jadi gitar jadian! si barry tukang gambar...actually ada better video, tapi ada pulak kelibat mummynya berkemban .... mana boleh upload! rosak rancangan nanti.... he he heJustify Full


chubskulit said...

Oh I love the second picture, she looks gorgeous! Too bad our connection wouldn't let us play the video..

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lily lotus said...

wohoo! talented abis ;)

Willie said...

Phewitt...happy deepavali girl.

Ivy Metaga said...

makin kiutnya..=)