Friday, February 12, 2010

boom boom pow from nuffnang

yesterday, i received an envelope. an envelope contain a cheque.
a cheque from nuffnang!!!!
yeah!!! not much but it is something to shout about! just blogging secara santai and you are earning $$$. no photo taken coz camera momma selalu pakai not feeling well...he he he

it is RM94.88. one year plus worth of blogging...he he he
rezeki walaupun sikitkan? ang pow sempena Chinese New Year.
what can you buy with that RM94.88?

- a pair of shoe... yes
- 2 pairs of pants.... yes, only me know where to find my size and cost u less than RM50
- birthday gift for barry? his is 2nd of March
- a barbie doll and a dress for cengal
- treat my dear frens for a hearty salted egg crab lunch... yeah baby
- buy myself a juvanex and detox myself after the holiday food...he he he
- belanja prince makan dan makan dan makan.... hi hi hi..

whatever it is, and how it is to be spent..........alhamdullilah! thank God!

so u guys, letaklah iklan nuffnang tu kat ur blog! tak rugi walaupun berblogging sesantai big momma.

dear frens and readers,
i would like to wish u all a Happy Chinese New Year, a Happy Valentine and Happy Holidays!!!


JT said...

wow..congrats mama!! keep it up~

Ivy Metaga said...

best hehehe...happy chinese new year, ceria lah header baru big momma...=), nice

lily lotus said...

selamat membelanjakan wang itu :)

dukunlintah plk said...

mok juak lah.. kelak lah nanggar cemnei molah nuffnang ya..

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Wahhh...untong kitak Mama aihh.. even only RM90++.. banyak ya ba..duit free hehe XD

Uncle Seven said...

best juak ehhh

Bb Hussain said... tuh..

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

aie best eh..mine masih 90 sen. hahahaha. adverlets dalam rm19. tah berapa dah nek tok sik ngecek..gney nak nyuruh banyak tok Big Momma?

lvynana said...

taniah taniah..