Wednesday, March 17, 2010

cerita dalam kebizian

i have a lot to write here. i have a lot to tell, actually.
but time is the culprit.
and still, not all can be written here. not all can be narrated here.
some matters are meant to be personal.
some matters can be shared, talked about and laughed at.
if only u dont know me, i'll write on anything that i want to.

how nice would that be.... kan?

so, dalam kebizian ini, i curi masa sikit nak update jugak. demam American Idol melanda lagi.

photo credit to AI website

my pick for this season is Miss Siobhan Magnus. she is gorgeous, unique and different from the rest. and below is Casey James.... kalau Kara can undress him thru her eyes, apalagi kita.... he he he... the eyes and smile is beautiful and menyentap jiwa kalbu wanita2 yang berkehendakan... he he he. paham-paham je lah ye..

photo credit to AI website

ni siapa pulak? ain, peserta AF8 musim nie. my pick too, kiranya ayam sabong lah untuk musim nie. she has that aura lerr.... gaya pembawakan diri, macam dah ditrain ke aper. whatever it is... she can sing and has a good voice.. ada style lah...


Ivy Metaga said...

kmk suka juak nangga american idol heeeee...

Cath J said...

oh wow... I have the same pick on the American Idol... :D

lvynana said...

lum sempat nangga AF gik musim tok.

lily lotus said...

yeah! mari layan sesama

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Aaaa...Dubai sikda AF huhuhu..