Friday, April 30, 2010

first of may is a labour day

studies shown that people with a sense of humor do better at their jobs than those yang have little of it or nothing at all.

studies have also shown that people who enjoy their work tend to be more productive and creative, resulting to experiencing greater job satisfaction.

how about you all? first or second or both? i am both.... :)

i started my working life on 2nd May 1989. i was then 20 years old.
now, it's 21 years of working life.
first 11 years in public sector, and till now in private sector.
apart from celebrating labour day 20 kali esok, i dah 'in labour' 2 times.. he he

Happy Labour Day!!!!


AmirFX said...

Kmk labour day bok 5 kali... Ritok last day keja.. Sik sempat nak labour day gik dah.. haha...

lily lotus said...

selamat hari pekerja :)...woww dah lama u berkecimpung dalam dunia kerja yer