Monday, April 26, 2010

french kiss, french toast


"mummy, i miss daddy......" kata cengal with tears.

apa lah budak nie, daddy belum pun touch down kat France lagi dia dah merengek. she is much more closer to me, she can tell me anything
she even tell her secrets to me, u know that mummy and daughter thingy
yup, she is still a little girl who will be 8 years old next August. infact, she is mature than her age.
but i realised that she has that special bonding with her daddy
hubby did tell me before that he will miss her so much if he didnt get to see her for few days. well, she is showing it too now

"why are u missing him?" i asked her

"well, daddy is going to be away for long" she replied

"it's just gonna be for 2 weeks!"

"it's long and i am gonna miss him!!"

that's life. when someone is there, available in front of u for 24 hours, we tend to take things for granted. when they're away, only then u realised that they are not around to be seen, be heard and talked to..

daddy is away attending training in France, South France to be exact. a place call Montpellier. he left last saturday night. more than 12 hours flight journey. lama nyer... something to do with intellectual property - geographical indication. apa kebender tue?

"Geographical indications are…indications, which identify a good as originating in the territory…or a region or locality in a territory, where a given quality, reputation or other characteristic of the good is essentially attributable to its geographical origin."

example, for Sarawak we are known for the Sarawak Peppers, and latest is the Bario Rice. kalau semenanjung pulak, ada songket trengganu and Langkawi Gamat. hubby brought along 2 boxes of sarawak peppers as sample and shall turn as gifts by end of the sessions.

just like France is known for its wine, and olive oil maybe?
or is it the french kiss ? french toast? french girl?? ha ha ha...

here we are, hubby-less and daddy-less for 2 weeks...
ha, merasa lah 2 minggu nie jadi driver, hantar and ambik anak ke sekolah..

i miss u too...


mr_abs said...

aie, tedah. rindu ngn bpknya. daddy's girl eh

Ms Tikot said...

Tedah... anak rindu, Mummy pun rindu ;-P

Coffee Girl said...

Cantiknya Cengal... nangis pun makin cantik. pandai mama ambik anglenya. rindu-rinduan... mama single 2 minggu ehhh??? hahahah! yabadabadoo!!

suesephia said...

pity her...
its cool to miss somebody she loved rather than mine..she's missing somebody she dun even know..daddy!