Thursday, May 06, 2010

this is way to cool.......

i happened to watch this in Oprah show the other nite.
this was taken during the Oprah 24th season kick off party in Chicago.
this is really cool and i really want to share with u guys.
some of u may have watched this, but for those yang belum.. do enjoy!!!

ni pulak the other versions of it..... world wide !!! so many of it!

what can we learn here?
we can achieve world peace if we want!!!!!
thru music of course!!!


iXati Gilbert said...

salu mek tengok tok.. best kan... heheh.. yeap... thru music.. not wars..

lily lotus said...

cool videos!

AmirFX said...

Haha... Coba kelak sidaknya molah d Malaysia tok... Genti gempak gik...