Friday, August 13, 2010


today is friday the 13th.

cengal asked me this morning, "mummy, all the hantu keluarkah today?".
i replied," no lah, hantu orang putih jak keluar today!".

influence of too much watching scary movies. yes it is friday the 13th today! it is said to be a bad luck day. some people will not hold any gathering on this day. takut anything bad happen.

Triskaidekaphobia means the fear of number 13.
many cultures and many people fear the number 13.

ada bangunan tinggi yang tak ada tingkat 13. tak jauh, contohnya Menara Pelita where i am now has no 13th floor. if i'm not mistaken, Wisma Bapa Malaysia pun tak da. some hotels pun tak ada. sometimes u naik lif, terkejut tengok button changes from 12 to 14 terus .. ha ha ha

even in some airplanes, there is no seat no 13 too. in Scotland, there is no gate 13 in any airport, instead there is a gate 12B. inside of a Lufthansa plane with row numbers going straight from 12 to 14. some airplanes skip a row 13, going straight from 12 to 14.

in some big hospitals, there is no Operating Room 13, to spare the patient added anxiety being wheeled into Room 13.

after 13 years of being the richest man in the world, Microsoft Corporation chairman Bill Gates lost this title, according to Forbes magazine's 2008 list of the world's billionaires.

and, Microsoft plans to skip Office 13 for being "an unlucky number," going directly from Office 12 to Office 14.

there u go.....

when i was in primary 5, my schoolmate told me that if you want to know your bakal husband, on friday 13th night, u take your shoe or slipper and put it underneath your pillow and sleep with it. according to them, your future husband will appear in your dream.... kononnya... ha ha ha ha. mimpi hantu adalah!!


dukunlintahplk said...

padah ngan cengal xda antu aritok.. antu semua kenak ikat.. sempena bulan puasa ;p

ztie said...

It's Ramadhan the 3rd, not Friday the 13th.. hehehe... padah ngn cengal cmya. mena ya.. sekda antu. semua kenak ikat dah time tok posa. hehe

Ms Tikot said...

Antu cina ada keluar time tok. hehehe

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Padah ngan cengal, hantu gik bizi milih 13 jenis kueh k hidangan bukak posa ritok.. so, sik ngaco manusia laa ehehe..

Cath J said...

hahhahahahha... so funny put shoes di bawah bantal??? hahahhaha...

Have a great day..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Bib Momma, saya never believe ini semua...there's too many kalau nak jaga, ha ha.
But you are right, its more Mat Sallehs punya belief...
But I guess maybe there might be something to it.

Apa you masak buka puasa? Ada ikan goreng sumbat sambal? Mee rebus? Laksa Sarawak?
Have a nice day, keep well, Lee.

Coffee Girl said...

Friday the 13th aku pulang-balik ke Lubok ANTU. Hihi