Tuesday, August 03, 2010

sungai no buaya

whenever we have no other commitments like extra class or replacement class, or whenever we feel like we need a break, the three of us (myself, barry n cengal) will follow daddy to his kebun. not that i'm helping out in the kerja-kerja bercucuk-tanam, but more to bringing the kids for mandi manda, and cooking for daddy and his worker. bila musim buah, kita tolong makan je.

it's our getaway place for weekends. there is a beautiful small river behind the kebun.

big momma berendam. jangan tertipu.
memang berendam saja sebab tak pandai berenang!
tapi si barry pandai berenang dah dengan hanya berlatih kat sini je.

bila dah penat mandi, dah kenyang makan, apa lagi? kita berehat atas buaian. di bawah pokok asam. nasib bukan pokok durian. kalau tak kena pakai helmet.

once in a while let them loose here. enjoy the beauty of nature. kalau kat rumah dok ngadap laptop, astro and PS2 aje.


kal jis (im not carl zeiss) said...

its a bird! no! its a buaya? no! its big momma hehehe... Gelik nyawa kmk nangga sungei ya koh.. Kes boyak nektuk byk.. grrr.. mintak jauh hoh..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Big Momma, Holy Smoke! You have a Paradise there!
I love this place, always been a dream of mine have a place, forests and a swimming hole to fool around....
You hubby did the right thing have this kebun, outstanding! Love it.
And no crocodiles, ha ha.
Have fun, Big Momma....love the pics, you and your great looking kids.
Simpan satu lagu dalam hati, Lee.

Mbok Ema said...

best na juakkkk PIKNIK!!! kmk ingin juakkk!!!!

Big Momma said...

sik da buaya sungai ya. ada waterfall sebelah.

uncle lee,
kebun is inherited by hubby from his late father. come to kuching and we'll cook chicken in the bamboo for you here. then dive into the natural swimming pool ...ha ha ha

jom berpiknik sia.... ada waterfall kat sia.