Thursday, November 18, 2010

ada lagi....Cow breaks free and runs loose before slaughter

dont ask me why
aku masih obses dengan cerita lembu korban lepas......... he he he...
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Thursday November 18, 2010
Cow breaks free and runs loose before slaughter

A COW, meant to become sacrificial meat in conjunction with Aidiladha, ran loose in Kuching yesterday before missing some pedestrians and colliding with a van.

It was seen running head-on into traffic with personnel from the Civil Defence Department and villagers of Kampung Nur Bakti hot on its heels.

It had apparently broken free from more than 20 villagers during a sacrificial slaughter ceremony at Kampung Nur Bakti in Jalan Arang and jumped over the fence of Surau Nur Bakti Islam before running 6km through bustling traffic in the city.

It ran past the Sarawak United People’s Party headquarters in Jalan Tan Sri Ong Kee Hui, where an event with more than a thousand school children was taking place, and slammed on the side of a van near the Jalan Tabuan traffic lights.

The cow was later cornered and caught after it ran into a house under construction in Lorong Deshon No. 5 and damaged the house’s stainless-steel gate.

Surau Nur Bakti Islam caretaker Parlam Ghani said the villagers had slaughtered a cow and were about to slaughter this cow when the rope binding its legs broke.

“We notified Rescue 999 and chased the cow all the way from Jalan Arang. We didn’t want anybody to get hurt and fortunately no one did,” he said.

The village was about to slaughter three cows donated for the needy. Each cow, said to be imported from Australia, cost RM3,500.

The cow which escaped was later slaughtered as well.


Bb Hussain said...

di kuching juga yer lembau lari..hehe

TimmyLicious said...

sebelum kena sembelih lari awal..hehehe

Coffee Girl said...

Run for your lives!!! oh tedah Buttercup