Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Masa ambi Cengal from school yesterday evening.

Cengal: Mummy! I got all As for my test! Science not yet.

Me: Waseh! Congratulations sayang!

Cengal: I hope I can get number one again.

Me: Of course u will...

................. then drove off to fetch Barry..

Barry: Mummy, I got good and bad news for u. Which one u want to hear first?

Me: Good news lah..

Barry: I got As for most of my subjects. For Math I scored 98. (Barry's first term exam in his Form 1)

Cengal: I scored 97 and got the highest mark for my Math too...

Me: That's very good! Anak mummy pandai lah semua....

Barry: Bad news is.... I got C for my BM. I want to go for a tuition for BM.

Me: Ok tak pe... we discussed about this last time kan? (Mummy cannot help much on his BM. BM sekarang lain sikit, tak macam dulu)

Thank God. They are doing very well in their studies.


Just Call Me V said...

yah..nang bijak pandai anak2 ktk kak.. diharap terus maju..jgn leka.. smoga menjadi insan yang berjasa kepada keluarga dan negara!

lvynana said...

bijak-bijak jak sidak tok.

Coffee Girl said...

Hantar jak ngan aku... gerenti i gasak BMnya... hehe